Disneyland Hitch Day


We are dead broke. We hardly make rent every month, we never get to eat out, shopping for fun is absolutely out of the question, and I can't remember the last time we bought each other any presents for birthdays or anniversaries. Our one splurge that we allow ourselves is a Disneyland Ditch Day, with the help of our annual passes (thanks, Mom and Dad!). For the past two years, we have not been able to even do this because we were saving up Disney gift cards that we've asked for for every single birthday and holiday in order to get enough for a pass. Finally, with the help of my mother, we were able to get the cheapest passes available, and to celebrate our fifth anniversary, we ditched work to go to Disneyland.

After being together for five years, my Disneyland attire was built for comfort, and doing my make up or hair was not in the stars. I DO apologize sincerely that I cannot be one of those girlfriends who wears heels all day at Disneyland, but that is just not happening. Who am I, Elle Woods? Michael doesn't seem to care. He takes Disneyland as seriously as I do, and we were both on the edge of our seats to FINALLY be going to Disneyland again after all these years.

Not to brag, but we are kind of experts in the ways of Disneyland, and we make Fast Passes our bitch. Our routes are ingeniously planned, and after getting passes for Indy, we headed over to Pirates first thing. We walked by the Blue Bayou as we always do, wishing we could have a fancy romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant, but alas - BROKE AF. Michael seems to be in a good mood, however, because it was our anniversary. He said they probably didn't have any reservations available, and I said we couldn't afford it anyway. After saying that maybe we could split the cheapest dish, and maybe someone cancelled, Michael told me I may as well ask if they had any reservations - one could hope! No, they were booked full. I suggested we could just swing by Taco Bell on our way home if we got hungry. Sounded good to me...

We literally had the best day ever. We took romantic strolls on the wishing well bridge, we cried over Jungle Cruise being closed, we got sick from going on Star Tours and HyperSpace Mountain too soon after each other, we blew off the Matterhorn line because "ain't no body got time for dat", and we had margaritas and Ghirardelli samples from CA Adventure.

Then it started to get cold, and we had just met up randomly with Michael's aunt, uncle, cousin, and her betrothed. We decided the Matterhorn wait had died down, and I joked about how "at least you don't get wet on this ride" because I was freezing. That's the wonderful thing about El Nino in Southern California, (no, not that it cures the drought), but it fills up all the water in all the rides! Going through the last splash got us SOAKED and Michael's aunt was DETERMINED to grab a picture even though I literally looked like Jon Voight after he got regurgitated by an anaconda. I'm glad she did, though, because it was the only real picture we got from that day.

(I try to forget about the Space Mountain picture....)


After a stop at the locker, and my change from a cute tank top to a DRY men's flannel button up and a beanie (which is really elegant to be proposed in), it was about 6:30PM and Michael suggested that we get "coffee and a snack". I laughed...why don't we just leave and pick up TB? Getting a SNACK at 6:30???....he looked at his watch and responded "It's not time for dinner yet."

Well, right there I knew something was up. I thought, maybe he had some nice dinner planned, but we have no money for Blue Bayou so it can't be there, but I'll just go with it. We got coffee, which made him a little jittery, but we were both so excited and in love, and having the most magical anniversary celebration! During the final parade and right before the fireworks, we thought it would be the perfect time to sneak onto It's A Small World which we walked right on.

But Michael kept asking if we could go on Pirates again. Yes, Love, we can go on Pirates again even though we've already been on it twice today. I never get sick of that ride. The very beginning is my favorite of any ride ever. The smell right when you walk into the line- that unforgettable smell that smells like rain and happy. It's always dark no matter what time of day. The fireflies are out. It is so wonderfully quiet when the boat starts to cruise down the bayou. You can hear the old man on his porch listening to a banjo version of "Yo Ho Yo Ho". You never quite know if those people eating in that restaurant are real, or if they are animatronics. You can smell the food, though, that spicy gumbo...mmm ...those warm bread and butter rolls. How long have those multi-colored lanterns hung there? For sure since I was a kid. No matter how many times I have eaten at the Blue Bayou (which isn't many), it is still the most mysterious, magical, and wonderful place in all of Disneyland. And of course, the water tables are the best spots because you can feel like you're just sitting in that boat on the beginning of the ride throughout the whole dinner and there's no place I'd rather be. So, of course, my dear, let's go on Pirates. I want to go on Pirates. That's a perfect last ride to go on to celebrate the love I have for you, and the appreciation I feel for being with you, and being HERE with you, and feeling like we are still kids without a care or worry in the world. 

But we never made it to Pirates. We took a swerve into the Blue Bayou before I could even blink, and Michael made me sit down in the lobby to wait for him to check in. He's not the smoothest of criminals, and I knew SOMETHING was up (even after telling me I should ask for a reservation to throw me off track!), so I guess I wasn't completely SURPRISED that he had made reservations to the Blue Bayou - but I was just completely overwhelmed at the generosity and romance behind that move. We don't have the money for this dinner, and usually I'm the one to just say "We're Rich!" and pretend like we can afford anything now, and ask questions later. I love when he's in the mood to put his worries aside and just have a blast. He works so hard and deserves to spend money where and when he wants, and he decided to spend it with me. Tonight. For our five year anniversary. And it was the ultimate romantic dinner. He had me wait in the lobby while he asked for a water table. What a smart, perfect man.

I started crying at the dinner table. Anyone that knows me personally would not be surprised by this act. I cry at everything. But it's usually happy tears. And my happy tears tonight were from having the absolute best day, with the absolute best friend and companion I could ever have, and (later that night I was to know) ever WILL have. I'm not used to a lot of romance in my life. We are the Mulder and Scully of romantic couples. We get along swimmingly, we are the only ones who "get" each other, we have each other's backs, but when the cameras are off - we are the most in love you could ever be. But in public we just have a blast being best friends and that night he kicked up the romance to eleven, and I was over the NOLA moon. That's why I cried. He had given me the best anniversary present - a romantic date, at the most romantic place, after the most romantically fun day. What more could a girl asked for.

Until mid- filet mignon, when he abruptly got up and declared "I'm gonna do this now..." and kneeled down.

I was super confused, and thought to myself, "What is he going to do?, tie his shoes?" I donno, maybe his laces were bugging him and he just needed to fix them, so I kind of didn't think anything of it. Until the quietest, most simple and perfect and loving sentence escaped from his lips.

He did it. He popped the question. He asked me to marry him.

No. Bye! And I left. Cuz EFF that dude, amirite?

He thought about getting the waiter to come and take a picture, and I loved that he didn't because it was our moment. Not even the emptying tables around us even heard or noticed what just went down. We had a silent little moment all to ourselves, just like the silent moments we so much enjoy on our boat rides down the bayou. The only ones who noticed were myself, Michael, and that little old man on his porch.