Let's Bake a Difference Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

A woman in a cupcake tutu with a tulle skirt and a bedazzled scepter runs by, handing out red bags for holding treats. Cakes shaped like birdcages and layered in fondant line the walls. Children with butterflies and dinosaurs painted on their faces shovel cookies and cakes into their mouths faster than Augustus Gloop shot up that chocolate tube at Wonka’s Factory. A character that looks suspiciously like Ted Danson grabs a few white-chocolate dipped Rice Krispin Glovers from Kneady’s table, causing heads to turn.

 Jake Shillan and Whitney Van Laningham help out. 

Jake Shillan and Whitney Van Laningham help out. 

Now, I know what you’re going to ask. Is this paradise? A carnival? A weird crossover episode of Cake Boss and Cheers? The answer is D, None of the Above. (Although I kind of want to see how Option C would pan out.)

On Saturday, March 1st, Kneady Bakery participated in the Let’s Bake a Difference fundraiser for Cancer Awareness. The event ran from 12pm – 4pm at the Westlake Village Inn, overlooking the beautiful golf course. Participants were able to purchase tickets at the door, which were traded for baked goods from each stand. Kneady felt that it wasn’t fair to make people choose only one treat—after all, our booth was well-stocked with Ed MacaRooneys, Rice Krispin Glovers, Sith-A-Mon Roll Wookies, Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Wookies, Movie Candy Wookies, Liz Lemon Bars, Robert Brownie Jrs., and Lord VoldeS’Mores—so we let participants in on a sweet deal: two treats for one ticket.


In addition to showcasing local bakeries and raising money for cancer awareness, Let’s Bake a Difference held a baking competition with various prize categories for each professional bakery to participate in. Kneady entered in the following categories:


-       Most Creative Sweet Treat (Lord VoldeS’Mores)

-       Most Unique Ingrediants (Movie Candy Wookies)

-       Best Tasting (Liz Lemon Bars)


When Gary Bryan (host of KRTH 101) announced that Kneady had won 1st place for Most Creative Sweet Treat, we absolutely couldn’t contain our excitement. Gary presented us with an awesome jeweled cake stand that we couldn’t wait to use at our next event. We were also given a cucumber melon scented candle as a “thank you” gift from Let’s Bake that smells amazing in our home.

The event was so much fun that we were the last booth to leave. To be honest, we were also kind of in the middle of a spirited debate about whether or not we had really seen Ted Danson or not. Sometimes that just takes priority over packing up and heading home.

 Okay, but seriously, that's definitely Ted Danson...right?!

Okay, but seriously, that's definitely Ted Danson...right?!



For more information on Let’s Bake a Difference, you can visit their website: HERE


And for all of our wonderful friends and customers who couldn’t make it to the event, all of our treats—including our award-winning Lord VoldeS’Mores—are available for purchase and delivery (in Los Angeles and Ventura County) by the dozen on our website, www.kneadybakery.com