Milkshakes and Photo Booths.

It's 12:45 AM and one of the girls has just watched Amelie for the first time...even though the soundtrack has been a regular in her "recently played" for years now. "Where do I go from here?" she says... struggling to find the answer. "How can we make our lives more mysterious and meaningful?" she says again...hoping for some sort of exciting rebuttal that satisfies even one ounce of her deflation from this amazing piece of cinema. These are the conversations of 2 aspiring entrepreneurs in the middle of the night - because life isn't like the movies. It isn't resolved or completed within a span of two hours. It's not always rewarding and it's not always forgiving. Life is struggling to pay rent in an overpriced apartment in West LA. Life is struggling to sustain a small business in a heavily populated foodie world and some of the priciest real estate in the country. Life is worrying that you're four years from thirty and you haven't done half of the things you feel like you were born to do. But this isn't the story we are ready to tell.  

What we are REALLY here for is:

Kati: "Let's go to cafe 101 for milkshakes."

Ashley: "I'm down to go in 5 hours... for coffee... in the morning... at an un-godly hour....?"

Kati: "Well THAT doesn't sound appealing."


But they were Le Tired, so, the 2 Baked Girls channeled their inner Alton and decided to make some Banana Ice Cream:

+ Frozen bananas (3 to be exact)

+ Nutribullet (Food Processor or Blender also does the trick)

+ 1 Tbs cocoa powder

+ A splash of almond milk (optional)

+ Freezer (at least two hours for ice cream-like consistency)

= And that was that. Bonne Nuit.